Don’t blend in. Your brand has a voice that’s dying to be heard.

WOM Staff matches your brand voice with passionate brand ambassadors and promotional models who will embrace your brand as if it were their own. We provide our staff with the tools to communicate the big ideas that you built your brand around.

We knock over the boundaries that are preventing you from connecting with your audience.
You can’t be everywhere at once, or fluent in every language, but WOM can. 

We offer a range of diverse staff who hurtle past these obstacles with ease.

  • Promotional Models
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Bilingual Ambassadors
  • Street Teams
  • Field Marketing Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Mascots
  • Product Specialists
  • Guerilla Marketing Teams
  • Multicultural Ambassadors

Our concepts are grounded in human truths. We don’t talk at your audience, we relate to them.
We recognize them as individuals, not statistics.

For us, it’s personal. We prove this through the attention that we give to your brand and how
we value our staff. We care a lot, maybe even too much, which we prove through our incentive
programs and attention to detail. Every brand is unique so WOM creates custom plans of action that
will not only make a splash, but also leave you with detailed measurements of the effectiveness
of your campaign and every moving gear within.

We don’t think we’re writing a new way of business — we’re just handling the business the way
that it should be. See for yourself.